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Newton Faulkner - ‘Feels like home’ tour 2022

Newton Faulkner - ‘Feels like home’ tour.

Review by Jade Colvin

At Pavilion Mid Wales in Llandrindod Wells - Sept 2022.

Tonight is the night, I've long anticipated for. All dressed up, we headed up to Pavilion Mid Wales in Llandrindod Wells. As we pulled up, we were met by long snaking queues that were flowing out into the car park… we had arrived! It was the first night of the tour, in this historic venue in the heart of Wales, that has been a community hub in many forms, for over a hundred years.

The set on this old theatre style stage, was set up just for him, a kick drum, symbol, acoustic guitars etc. He came on stage with such a humble and calm aura about him, polite in the way he communicated with us the audience, relaxed, comfortable in this setting he’s use to after a 15+ year career as a singer-songwriter and musician, so comfortable in fact in this ‘living room’ style layout, he even had a mug to drink out of - how British.

It just felt like a dream being there and watching him perform new and old hits. He has such relatable songs. I thought of his music as quite sad sometimes, deep and heartfelt but this set felt different tonight, more up beat, positive, he got the crowd involved too with harmonies, building up to fast paced songs, to the point everyone got involved jumping around joyfully as one.

I thought I’d kind of cut this shorter already but too long for Insta… check out the rest in Part 2!

…Part 2: Newton Faulkner - ‘Feels like home’ tour at Pavilion Mid Wales. Sept 2022

…Continued… It just feels like the passion oozes out of him, like he eats, sleeps and breathes music, watching him tapping away with such talent is just inspirational - it makes you want to go and pick up a guitar there and then!

We sang our hearts out to, Finger Tips, Hit the ground running, Pulling Teeth, of course Dream Catch Me and many more!

On a quick personal note, this meant a lot to me, his music had been a beacon whilst I was away from home for so long and the fact that he was touring when I came back to the UK, and it was perfectly named ‘feels like home’ - you could say it was meant to be.

It was a night to remember filled with uplifting lyrics for when you go through hard times, as we all do, it felt like a keep going it’ll get better outlook, “when I hit the ground, I know I’ll hit the ground running”, “stop looking down at the ground… somethings bound to change” …

Challenge those negative thoughts!

I very much look forward to seeing another of his heart warming shows.


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